Seb Insua, Japan (2019)

This is the blog of Seb Insua, a software engineer, consultant and engineering lead based in London.

When writing software my focus is on readability and reliability. An unfortunate industry norm is for software to be rewritten afresh as a greenfield project every two to five years. It is a story of repeated institutional knowledge loss and companies that learn to do better here have the opportunity to surpass those that do not.

To bring about lasting software, software quality and cultural practices must grow trust and understanding in what exists and lower the cost of continuous, meaningful improvements by individual contributors. Subsequently the job of engineering leaders is to help others to carve out career-defining work from within legacy systems and to ensure that knowledge is permanently embedded into their organisation’s software, systems and people.

I usually program in TypeScript, Python and Rust but have hundreds of hours of experience using a wide range of languages and technologies. I am an expert within the Node.js and React ecosystems, where I have 12 and 9 years of experience respectively.

I’m currently available for freelance work. Contact me to discuss further!